"Random thoughts from my multi-concushioned brain:

Bringing Rebel ( my first trainer ) to the ring carrying the confederate flag...breaking my leg in a battle royal in the parking lot of Norristown Ford, and hopping on one leg back to the dressing room with no help 'cause everybody thought I was "working it"...DC Drake being gracious enough to let a nobody rookie share in his spotlight...likewise Tony Stetson, Larry Winters, & Johnny Hotbody - I will always be indebted to them for trusting me to hold up my end...managing Abdullah The Butcher vs. Bam bam Bigelow - truly being in the shadow of legends ( and they were some BIG shadows! )...road trips with Glen Osbourne ( um, sorry about that shirt Glen! ) ...getting to see guys like Glen & John Finnegan & Stevie Richards at the start of what turned out to be long & accomplished careers in our business...getting to work and become friends with Bob & Lex Artese - I will always be grateful for their friendship & support...meeting Tod Gordon, who became intrumental in my post-TWA life...Luna Vachon busting my eardrum & dislocating my jaw at The Civic Center...meeting Sabu for the first time ( another who always was very generous with his support) ...sharing lockerooms with legends like Wahoo McDaniel, Ivan Koloff, Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk...waiting in line to get paid standing next Rick Rude ( how did I GET here?!?!? )...my first of many future encounters with Ted Petty ( Cheetah Kid - later Rocco Rock ) a true gentleman...Cactus Jack spitting water out of a hole in his chin after his match w/ JT Smith at the Sports Bat in Philly...watching Michael Bruno cut the "paperboy to Hitman" promo and trying not to crack up...the pleasure of working with Jim Molineaux & Joe Zanolle...and one of the most under-rated workers out of Philly, Jimmy Janetty!...Sandman in his surfer gimmick - 'nuff said!!!...And I will always be grateful to Joel Goodhart for giving me a shot...

This reunion is as welcome as it was unexpected! I'm just glad I'm still around to be a part of it, and I can't wait to see the boys and the fans at the show!"

-Don E Allen